Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

Amuria district task force warns members of the public to desist from operating in the open weekly markets

People in Amuria district task force leaders have been warned against operating on weekly markets. 

Julian Iseet Fede the Resident district commissioner Amuria district says some people are still congesting selling unauthorized items in the open weekly markets.

She says that as much the security and health team have always been chasing and discouraging business people but some traders still sneak to sell in Abarilela, Onyamuguro and Obalanga markets among other hidden places.

According to Fede, Amuria district task force has not yet authorized the operation of weekly markets adding that those who are selling in the open markets are now doing it at their own risk.

Meanwhile, she appeals the people to adhere with the president’s and ministry of health guidelines to fight corona virus or else they will be forced to close even other markets.

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