Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Uganda’s population to hit 176M by 2080.

Experts have expressed fear that Uganda will face a projected population of 176 million by 2080, four times the number witnessed today, due to high fertility rates, high population growth rate, and high child dependency ratio.

If left unchanged, the current policies could constitute a major barrier to social transformation and development and may hinder the achievement of the country’s national development agenda.

Now the government is asked to urgently address the imbalance between expenditure between social and economic sectors and increase expenditure in health care, education, WASH, social development and agriculture.

It is from this that the Ministry of Finance in close partnership with National Planning Authority, National Population Council and UNICEF will this afternoon release a report

According to Proscovia Nakibuuka the UNICEF Communications Officer, the report will offer a deep analysis of the impact of population trends on national development.

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