Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

I was wrong captive, says abducted Mukono priest

Rev Isaac Mwesigwa, who was allegedly kidnapped on Sunday, and later found on Wednesday in Soroti District has said that his captors released him because he was not the one their boss wanted.

Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, who was on official duty in Soroti, received Rev Mwesigwa at St Peter’s Cathedral in Soroti Town and handed him over to police.

Rev Mwesigwa who is attached to  Kasaka-Gomba, Central Buganda Diocese and a student at Uganda Christian University.

Narrating his story to the media mid this week, Rev Mwesigwa, said on the eve of Wednesday night, the captors had a brief meeting with the person they referred to as their boss adding that in their conversation, the boss inquired whether the person in captivity was the true identity of the one he needed.

 He said that upon realizing that he was the wrong captive, the boss ordered that he be let free.

Michael Odongo, the police spokesperson for East Kyoga, said that from the victim’s statement, it’s a boda boda who delivered him to St Peters Cathedral Soroti, as he looked depressed but in good health. 0D[�IHL

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