Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

African News: Rwanda declares missing Ugandan IT expert ‘prohibited immigrant’

The Ugandan IT expert, who had been missing for several months, has now been declared an unwanted person in Rwanda and the Kigali government with express orders never to return to Rwanda.

Mr Ivan Peter Egessa went missing in Kigali in December last year and was reported to have been in the hands of Rwandan security officials. At that time, Uganda sent a notice to Rwanda inquiring about Egessa but the Kigali government did not respond.

However, Rwandan Director General of Immigration and Emigration under the National Intelligence and Security Services Mr Francois Regis Gatarayiha on February 13, 2020 issued statement declaring Egessa an unwanted person in Rwanda and shipped him out of the country back to Uganda.

The order did not say whether Egessa had been handed over to Uganda or he was still in Rwandan custody.

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