Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

NARO experts warn ugandan farmers on yellow weed

The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) scientists have warned farmers against spreading and multiplying the three foreign weeds currently affecting the Country.

These invasive weeds include; dodder also known as yellow weed, Congresss weed and salvinia molesta aka cariba weed (Nankabirwa weed).

Dr Ambrose Agona, the Director General of NARO said most recent foreign weeds reported in the Country have been identified as a potential threat to the country’s economic development.

He said although the Agric Ministry has next financial year planed for a budget port folio of close to Sh5b to control the strange weeds that have invaded the country, the farmers should avoid introducing it intentionally.

Edward Rukuunya, the director of the fisheries department said the Agric Ministry in 2019 distributed to the fishing communities some manual equipment like pangas, hoes and wheelbarrows which can be used for removing the cariba weed and water hyacinth.

The fisheries state minister, Hellen Adoa said her technical team is working with NARO scientists for the use of manual, mechanical and biological control to eliminate cariba weed the way water hyacinth was reduced.

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